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Choi Gon (Pak Joong Hoon) was a popular rock star in the 1980s but due to acquiring bad habits he lost his fame. In 2006, now past his prime, Choi Kon believes that younger pop artists are now in the spotlight, but he still lives the life of a rock star: drunk driving, drug scandals, etc. Meanwhile, the only thing Gon has left, his loyal manager, Park Min-soo (Ahn Sung Ki), has been working hard to keep Choi Kona out of trouble. One day, Choi Kon was forced to go to a small provincial town to work as a radio DJ. The radio station is on its last legs and is about to close. Choi Kon hosts the program Choi Gon’s Midday Songs of Hope in his usual manner. But something strange happends. His daily show becomes a big hit in the town, as he allows the locals to tell their own stories. When his newfound fan club begins to put the recordings of his show on the internet, soon the big bosses in Seoul become aware of Gon’s fame and want him to make a comeback—but without his manager. 

Also known as: 라디오 스타

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