Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter


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This drama tells the story of Sun Ok Nam who was a fairy in the Goryeo period. She is trapped on earth when a woodcutter takes her fairy clothes and hides them when she’s bathing on Gyeryong Mountain. Sun Ok-Nam is unable to go back to Heaven without her clothes. She eventually marries the woodcutter and raises a daughter with him. The woodcutter dies suddenly leaving Sun Ok-Nam unable to return to heaven because she cannot find her fairy clothes. She decides the only way to find her clothes and return to heaven is to wait for her husband to be reincarnated.

In present day Korea, Sun Ok-Nam is working at a cafe in Gyeryong Mountain. After 699 years, she meets two men and feels like one of them might be her reincarnated husband. But she cannot tell who among them is her husband. The story revolves around Sun Ok Nam following the men to Seoul to try and figure out who her husband is.

Also known as:Tale of Fairy / 계룡선녀전 / 雞龍仙女傳

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter trailer

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