Chugaku Seinikki



Release Year:

Status: Completed


25-year-old Suenaga Hijiri dreamed to be a teacher since she was a kid. After she graduates from college, she becomes a high school teacher in a small town. There, she meets a third-grade student Akira, who falls in love with her at first sight.

Hijiri has a fiancé Katsutaro who she has been in love with for a long time. Now Katsutaro is sent to work in a distant place and their relationship is facing challenges. Hijiri understands that she should not go beyond the teacher-student relationship, but she soon realizes that she is starting to fall in love with Akira.

According to the manga of the same name by Kawakami Junko.

Also known as:Meet Me After School | 中学 聖 日記

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